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Output Exhale Review

Output have become known for distinctive, groundbreaking VSTi. Exhale is a Kontakt based VSTi offering a "modern vocal engine" for music producers, and sound designers, who want highly processed vocal samples for their productions.

So we have included a text based review, a video review including a demo track, and a video tour of Exhale.

Read our "Output Exhale Review".

Loomer Sequent Review

Loomer Sequent is a modular FSU VST plug-in that introduces a little of the unexpected into your recording or performance.

Loomer Sequent Review

Keeping A Song Interesting

Develop and hold onto the interest of your listeners, and overcome the issues of modern mastering techniques.

Keeping A Song Interesting

Soundbrenner Pulse

The Soundbrenner Pulse is a wearable electronic metronome. This is a review of Soundbrenner's innovative flagship offering.

Soundbrenner Pulse Review

Über Compressor Review

Steve Mueske tests and reviews the Creative Elements suite Compressor module, from Sonalksis.

Review of Über Compressor by Sonalksis

SampleTank 2 For iOS

Review of SampleTank 2 for iOS, a major upgrade of IK Multimedia's virtual instrument app for iOS.

Review: SampleTank 2 for iOS

Good Vocal Technique

Good vocal technnique and a warm-up routine for vocal practice.

Read about it here


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